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Staying focused on his goal: an active and healthy lifestyle. Here’s Sandy’s story

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Sandy Mayuga had been tracking his kidney health the way many patients do: through annual or semi-annual visits to a primary care provider who monitored his lab reports. His stage three chronic kidney disease (CKD) has not kept him from interests like kayaking and traveling, and he wants it to stay that way.

Nearly 50 years ago, Sandy donated a kidney to his father. Though this did not slow him down, it did raise his awareness of the remaining kidney’s health. As Sandy approached retirement, he decided it was time to be more proactive about his care. Then, he saw an email from his insurer introducing Cricket Health as a new care option. “I thought this might be a great opportunity for me to work on this with some help,” he said.

Sandy’s personalized Cricket Health professionals – a nurse, dietician and pharmacist – offer timely, individualized, and proactive care. Instead of the general advice given at annual doctor visits (avoid salty foods, exercise more), his Cricket Health pharmacist gave him specific timeframes on when to take medication so it cooperates best with other prescriptions. When he was getting inconsistent blood pressure readings, his team stepped in to problem solve. “It’s really terrific, the help with the details,” Sandy said. “Getting a little more granular has been really good about [giving me] specific strategies.”

Sandy cautions others to increase their awareness of early warning signs of CKD. For him, it was high blood pressure. He encourages others to watch for signs of kidney decline and to be proactive about their health.

Cricket Health enables patients to proactively take care of their kidney health. To find out if you’re eligible for Cricket Health, click here.

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