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Cricket Health CEO: Helping CKD Patients Make Informed Care Choices

“Arvind Rajan, who previously was an executive at LinkedIn, is determined not to fall into that trap. The CEO and cofounder of Cricket Health landed on kidney disease and setting up a patient and clinician facing tool to help patients with end-stage renal disease make more informed choices about their care.

“The way we treat chronic kidney disease in this country is broken from beginning to end,” Rajan said in a phone interview. Clinical intervention often happens too late, and patients who progress to kidney failure frequently get suboptimal care. “We wanted to design an experience so patients could get to the right choices for them.”

Cricket Health was one of the winners of the Pitch Perfect competition at MedCity INVEST last week.

“It focused on a large, single, disease with an existing large market opportunity. They clearly stated the unmet need left unfulfilled by incumbents, and they specified the value proposition is ‘cost’…with a digital wrapper…and cost is king nowadays,” Lewis noted.

Cricket Health got its start in 2015. Although 88 percent of people with chronic kidney disease end up in dialysis centers, the majority of clinicians favor home dialysis, Rajan said. The problem is, CKD patients often don’t realize they have options from dialysis at home to a potential kidney transplant and palliative care in some cases.

The company developed an online patient education program, Health Options Patient Education, which connects patients with advanced stage CKD to healthcare content, clinical support and a group of healthcare professionals, peers and mentors.”

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