Cricket Health offers extra support in addition to what members receive from their primary care physician and nephrologist. The Cricket Health program includes a mix of virtual and phone-based support services that enable members to make informed decisions and remain engaged throughout their chronic kidney disease journey with a team that’s accessible by phone, online or at home.

Additionally, Cricket Health provides members with engaging educational content from renowned clinicians to help them understand and manage their disease.
Members can use the MyCricket™ platform to connect to an online community of peer groups and trained mentors who can relate to what they’re going through because they’ve ‘been there.’ Because they’ve gone through a similar experience, they can share useful insights about managing kidney disease and the emotions and challenges that go along with it.

For members whose kidney disease progresses, Cricket Health provides education on treatment options, such as pre-emptive transplants, conservative care (care without dialysis or a kidney transplant), and both home and in-center dialysis. This helps members select the best treatment option for themselves and their families.

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