How It Works

Our approach to managing kidney disease

Chronic Kidney Disease Can Be Managed

Identification, intervention and treatment

We help our customers identify high-risk patients well before kidney failure and focus on preserving kidney function as long as possible. We keep patients out of the hospital, and ensure optimal, prepared transitions to end-stage renal disease. We provide support for all potential paths, including preemptive transplants, conservative care, and both home and empowered in-center dialysis.

Rejecting The Status Quo

Realigning patients, clinicians, and payors

Our clinical priorities and financial incentives are aligned with the best outcomes and quality of life for patients, more satisfying work for clinicians, and the lowest costs for payors.

Our Model

A unique approach to kidney care

Cricket Health is a comprehensive kidney care provider with a personalized, evidence-based approach to managing chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease. Our goal is to delay the progression of kidney disease. For those patients who do progress, we help them and support them on any treatment they choose, including transplant, conservative care, and dialysis.

Patient Identification + Risk-stratification

Detecting high risk patients using state of the art data analytics

We use proprietary data analytics to identify high-risk patients and intervene as early as possible, creating the best outcomes for patients and avoiding downstream costs for payors.

Multidisciplinary Kidney Care Team

Coordinating care and managing outcomes that matter most

Our multidisciplinary care team works with patients, enhancing and extending the work of the nephrologist into the field while providing remote monitoring of vitals, training and patient-centered care.

Multi-Modal Education + Peer Community

Supporting patient knowledge with engaging content and peer support

Our interactive patient curriculum features engaging and easy-to-understand video content from renowned clinicians and other patients. Patients also benefit from an online peer support community and patient mentors who provide critical insights into managing CKD effectively.

Dialysis Care

Providing home and empowered in-center dialysis care

If kidney function can no longer be prolonged and transplant and palliative care are not options, we work with patients to determine the best type of dialysis for them, whether home or in-center, and provide training and care at our licensed clinics.

Our Results

We’ve produced industry-leading results with our new model

patients with increased self-efficacy after using Cricket

patients with increased knowledge after using Cricket

physician satisfaction rate with Cricket

of patients choosing home as their preferred dialysis modality
(vs 28% status quo)

patients starting dialysis away from the hospital
(vs 36% status quo)

patients starting dialysis with a permanent access
(vs 45% status quo)

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