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We’re able to help you do more for your nephrology patients, at no cost to your practice.

Partnering with Cricket Health alleviates some of the burden on clinicians. By giving patients access to our specialized services, we save you time and free you to provide more comprehensive care – all at no extra cost to your patients or practice. We take on much of your patient education, remote monitoring, and training – enabling you to provide more personalized care for more patients.

A shared goal of managing CKD progression and smoothing the transition to ESRD.

We work in lockstep with you to provide earlier and effective care in a coordinated effort to delay kidney failure. For your patients who do progress to kidney failure, we partner with you to help them choose the treatment option that’s right for them. By acting as your eyes and ears between appointments, we remain aligned with you on your patients’ goals, progress and treatment preferences, and we’ll notify you immediately if additional or urgent medical concerns arise.

Our personal care teams work together to implement your plan.

We assign a nurse, dietitian, social worker, pharmacist, and peer mentor to each patient, to help manage their kidney health by:

  • Answering questions on their condition and helping them with their medications.

  • Identifying community resources, if needed.

  • Coordinating care between all involved doctors.

  • Providing education on renal replacement therapy options.

  • Offering wellness coaching and remote patient monitoring for select patients.

We’ll help you navigate contracts with payers to provide increased revenue potential.

The move to value-based care can appear daunting. We’ll help you work with payers and navigate an increasingly risk-bearing, and ever-evolving, value-based health care system. We are not consultants – we are your partner. With our payer relationships, we can help negotiate contracts that provide additional earnings and expand your patient panel as we improve health outcomes and reduce costs – together.

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