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Earlier intervention. More effective treatment. Significant cost reductions.

That’s Cricket Health’s Model of Care. We offer an integrated care model designed specifically for CKD and ESRD, delivering the right intervention at the right time for each patient, based on their unique risk profile. Our recommendations are based on predictive analysis and information gathered through the trusted relationships forged between our care team and patients.

More than half of late-stage CKD is undiagnosed, and many diagnosed patients are unspecified.

By identifying these cases and intervening well before kidney failure, Cricket Health’s care team can more effectively treat the disease and ease the transition into renal replacement therapy, resulting in improved health outcomes for patients and substantial reductions in total cost of care for plans. We also improve the member experience by providing your patients with CKD access to a community of individuals undergoing treatment for CKD. Together, they can engage in conversations about their care and learn from each other’s experiences.

Proprietary process and personalized care roadmap.

We identify patients earlier and provide a curated patient experience to those who need it most. By focusing on those who are most at risk for progressing to kidney failure, we can improve health outcomes and reduce costs. And we're willing to put our fees at risk to prove it.

As an innovator in kidney care, we are driving industry leading results on behalf of our customers and patients.

  • More than fewer hospital admissions than the status quo
  • of those starting dialysis do so in an outpatient setting (compared to 40 percent)
  • who need dialysis are initiating at home (compared to 11 percent)
  • of those starting dialysis do so with a permanent access placed (compared to 45 percent)

Some of our health plan partners:

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How it works:

  • Personalized care roadmaps

    help keep patients healthy, at home, and out of the emergency room and hospital.

  • Increased referrals

    to transplant centers and conservative care (vs dialysis) when aligned with patients’ personal goals.

  • Targeted interventions

    are a cost-effective approach to helping us predict and prevent avoidable utilization.

  • Dialysis options

    including a high-quality home or empowered in-center experience, often at significantly lower rates.

Enhanced care at lower costs.

Significant reduction in CKD-ESRD transition costs

Targeted cost-effective CKD care management

25-50% savings on your dialysis costs

Increased transplant referrals

We are changing the course of kidney care – and the response is encouraging.

  • patients choosing home as their preferred dialysis modality

  • patients starting dialysis in an outpatient setting

  • patients starting dialysis with a permanent access

  • patients with increased self-efficacy after using Cricket

  • patients with increased knowledge after using Cricket

  • physician satisfaction rate with Cricket

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