Cricket Health's partnership with your health plan is ending effective January 1, 2024. If you are a kidney care patient who has engaged with Cricket Health, please contact your health insurance provider for information about your kidney care options. Thank you for allowing us to support you. We wish you all the best in your health journey.

The Cigna — Cricket Health collaboration has improved patient engagement and key clinical outcomes for those living with chronic kidney disease (CKD)*.

A year ago, we collaborated with Cigna to provide its customers* living with CKD personalized care and high-touch support — and what a success it’s been!

  • 45%

    Within the first year of the program, there was more than a 45% reduction in hospitalizations among patients in the Cricket program*.

  • 100%

    Of the Cigna customers who completed Cricket’s education program, 100% made a choice other than in-center dialysis* for their end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) treatment.

  • 63%

    63% began dialysis treatment in an outpatient setting, lowering overall medical spend for these Cigna customers*.


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Learn how our evidence-based approach helped Cigna lower costs and improve kidney care outcomes for their customers.

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Working collaboratively with Cigna’s nephrologists, primary
care providers, and other specialists, we’re able to:

Bridge the gap between appointments helping to manage patients’ everyday health outside their provider’s office.

Help you be more efficient during appointments and effectively meet quality-care goals.

Give you peace of mind that your patients are supported with comprehensive care.

An engaged patient tends to lead to better health outcomes
and lower costs for health plans.

Clinical interactions In one year Cricket Health had over 7,000 clinical interactions with Cigna customers*.
Alternative to in-center dialysis choice Of the Cigna customers in the Cricket program that started dialysis, 75% initiated dialysis with a home modality*.
Patient NPS Score Of the Cigna customers who responded to an NPS survey, Cricket Health received a most recent score of 89 - an extremely high customer satisfaction score**.
Retention rate Cigna customers who join Cricket Health have a 79% retention rate with the program*.

What providers are saying

“I have a patient I saw Friday who said his insurance company contracted with Cricket and he got a helpful phone call counseling him about his elevated potassium level!”
“So glad we have your support, as appointments with Nephrology are far out.”
“You [Cricket] have a very high touch model of care which is needed for this patient population.”
“I could say without reservation that Cricket has been a great partner in the clinical care for our patients.”
“You [Cricket] have a very high touch model of care which is needed for this patient population.”

These examples are for illustrative purposes only.

* Internal Cigna study of Cricket Health customers from May 2020-June 2021. Statistics reflect choice selection of home dialysis modalities, transplant or medical management as alternatives to in-center dialysis.

** The NPS indicates the level to which a current patient would recommend Cricket Health to a family member or friend. NPS scores range from -100 to 100, with anything above 50 considered excellent.

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