Cricket Health Welcomes Dr. Carmen Peralta as Chief Medical Officer

Here in San Francisco, we have the remarkable fortune to have one of the best academic medical centers in the world, the University of California San Francisco, in our backyard. What makes it special isn’t just its world-class research, or the clinical excellence of its 24,000 staff; it’s the strong ethos of patient care, of caring deeply about the well-being of its patients.

No one exemplifies this more than Dr. Carmen Peralta. Back when Vince and I were just starting Cricket Health, we met the wonderful Patty McCormac of the National Kidney Foundation, and shared what we were hoping to do. She immediately responded, “You have to meet Carmen.” Patty connected us over email, and a few days later we met Carmen for coffee on the UCSF Campus.

Going into the meeting, we expected to be wowed by her experience and knowledge, and we certainly were. As the Executive Director of the Kidney Health Research Collaborative and as a Professor at UCSF, Carmen and her team have done groundbreaking work on prevention, early detection and individualized management of all stages of kidney disease and hypertension.

But what perhaps left a bigger impression on us was her passion for helping individuals with kidney disease and her desire to truly change the system, rather than simply accepting the status quo.

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