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Cricket Health StageSmart™ and MyCricket™ platforms achieve hospital admission reductions, high engagement in first year of deployment

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Results show significant reductions in hospital admissions for Cricket Health members


San Francisco and Boston (April 14, 2021), PR NewswireToday Cricket Health released results from its first year of deployment of its StageSmart™ proprietary machine learning disease identification model and MyCricket™, its comprehensive patient support program. In their initial deployments, Cricket Health’s programs have seen a 65 percent reduction in hospital admissions among enrolled members; a 94 percent patient satisfaction rate; and a 90 percent patient retention rate. 

“Managing a complex condition like chronic kidney disease requires doing little things every day to stay healthy, which is difficult if you are trying to go it alone,” said Andrew Schutzbank, Cricket Health Chief Product Officer. “Our goal at Cricket Health is to give people with kidney disease the support they need to live their best lives.The frequent engagement we’re seeing in the MyCricket platform is making a real difference.” 

MyCricket connects people with kidney disease with peer support, a peer mentor, a multidisciplinary care team, and educational resources available 24/7. This facilitates engagement with each patient’s individualized care plan, including care delivered in-person, over the phone, and virtually.

In the last year, Cricket Health members have interacted with their Cricket care teams weekly on average, with 40 percent of members connecting an average of 10 times per month, or every two to three days. In comparison, most people with kidney disease visit a kidney care specialist two to four times per year.

In addition, MyCricket has hosted 25,000 interactions with clinicians, 2,900 interactions with peer mentors, and over 10,000 views of educational content. MyCricket also includes an active kidney patient community, with more than 25,000 interactions and messages of support shared to date. 

“I’ve learned things that were never discussed in doctor appointments,” said one Cricket Health patient. “I no longer think of Cricket as simply an adjunct to my doctor related care but instead see it as a critical partner in my self-driven quest to own and manage those aspects of my life that I can control and that support my healthy living goals.”

Health plans can target MyCricket’s stage-specific, individualized care to the people who need it most through StageSmart, Cricket Health’s proprietary machine learning model. StageSmart uses predictive GFR (pGFR™) to identify people with kidney disease and determine the precise stage of their disease, all without additional lab testing. 

In addition to enabling plans to drive stage-specific care, StageSmart has helped plans identify hundreds of patients at high risk for kidney failure that had not yet been diagnosed. When kidney disease goes undiagnosed, individuals end up “crashing” into dialysis when their kidneys fail. According to one study, crashes can increase costs by approximately $53,000 per patient during the first year on dialysis. 

“StageSmart allows health plans to deliver stage-specific care to their population diagnosed with kidney disease, as well as intervene in kidney disease in earlier stages, avoiding costly complications like hospital visits,” said Robert Sepucha, Cricket Health CEO. “This proactive care transforms the status quo of largely waiting to treat a patient’s kidney disease until after their kidneys have failed, fundamentally changing what a kidney disease diagnosis means for patients.” 

Cricket Health’s StageSmart and MyCricket platforms are available to commercial health plans, nephrology practices, and Medicare Advantage plans.

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